“After watching this DVD set there is little doubt in my mind that Bobby Jones is the greatest coach to have lived.” – Dennis Sterling

“The way Bobby teaches the game is unlike anything we get from today’s instructors. He has a way of making things so simple and teaches an efficient, repeatable golf swing. – Charles Zeinberg

I got this set as a Christmas present, and it may be my favorite present I have ever received. I took his swing thoughts and drills with me to the range and have noticed immediate and significant improvements. – Max Williams

It’s so interesting to see how the greatest teacher and golfer of his era approached the game. To me, this is the only way golf should be taught, clearly it works, the man won a grand slam! – Darlene Grant

I took three strokes off my handicap within a week of watching this set.
I’m rewatching it now to pick up on even more little tips that I can implement into my practice and golf game starting today. – Paul Davis

The game is so simple if you just follow the steps Mr. Jones outlines in these DVD’s. Thank you for making this timeless resource available! – Alex Malone