Bobby Jones was not only one of the greatest players ever, but one of the best teachers ever. This DVD box set includes 18 lessons across three DVD’s. Lessons that helped Bobby Jones revolutionize the sport well before modern equipment changed it forever.

Bobby Jones How I Play Golf

Complete Golf Instructional Series Edition
From Bobby Jones Productions

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Grand Slam Time!
2012 marks the 82nd anniversary of the winning of the Grand Slam by Bobby Jones in 1930.

A Major Motion Picture
A major motion picture about the life of Bobby Jones entertained theatre audiences nationwide in 2004, starring Jim Caviezel as Bobby Jones. Tens of millions of today’s consumers were reminded of the great golfer’s contribution to life and to the game!

The Golf Channel
The Golf Channel regularly runs chapters of the Bobby Jones instructionals creating enormous exposure for the programs and the brand.

On DVD for The First Time !
This is the first time that the Bobby Jones programs have been offered on DVD! Digital entertainment has revolutionezed our lives. The new DVD format allows for instant access to whatever chapter of instruction you choose, which is perfect for instruction on the area of the game you need to improve on!

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Disk One “How I Play Golf”

  • Introduction
  • The Putter
  • The Niblick (9 Iron)
  • The Mashie Niblick (7 Iron)
  • The MEdium Irons
  • The Big Irons
  • Chip Shots

Disk Two “How I Play Golf”

  • The Spoon (3 Wood)
  • The Brassie (2 Wood)
  • The Driver
  • Trouble Shots
  • Practice Shots
  • A Round of Golf

Disk Three “How To Break 90”

  • Introduction
  • The Grip
  • Position & Backswing
  • Hip Action
  • Downswing
  • Impact
  • Fine Points